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    1W Solar Panel

    Portable You can use at home or outside ,such as home lightning ,travel,camping,fishing and so on Convenient You can use adapter to charge it when at home,or use solar panel no matter at home or outside.Phone charger can charge mobilephones

    1. Detailed information
    Model Number:M1P12Peak Power:1WOpen Circuit Voltage:7.3V
    Short Circuit Current :0.18AMaximum PowerVoltage:6VMaximum Power Current:0.16A
    Frame Material:ABS/Plasticlead wire:3mWire connector:DC5.5
    Product Size L*W*H(mm):135*82*10Inner box L*W*H(mm):84*34*155(Color Box)Outer box L*W*H(mm):445*365*335
    Volume:0.0211m3Net weight :0.132 KgRough weight:0.17 Kg
    PCS/CTNS:100 PCSGross weight:17 Kg

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